our Story

Nepal is a place of commingled beauty and mystery. It is known as a land of mountains, yaks and prayer flags. It is a place that has grown near and dear to our hearts over the past 12 years. While traveling and later living in Nepal we, the founders of Lottie Leather Co., realized the extreme need for jobs in Nepal. Many people leave the country to try to find better jobs. In 2013 25% of Nepal’s GDP was remittance (money sent back to the country). This creates a vacuum back at home and many communities are missing whole generations of young men and women because they are abroad. These jobs can also be tiresome, hard work and many times dangerous. Although jobs are scarce in Nepal, it is a land that is flowing with resources. We feel strongly that giving someone a job is a great dignity. Not only giving them a job, but giving them hope and dreams for the future. Jobs also increase children’s welfare, reduce trafficking of Nepali girls and send children to school. We are a business, so we also believe that we can make some great products and sell them at competitive prices. We want our products to be beautiful, hand crafted and something you WANT to buy.